Monday, January 26, 2009

The begining of empowerment

Well this is it -The Intro.

I am a local Ottawa woman who's personal and professional journey has taken years to process what having this gene means. Now, with physicians and geneticists more savvy with this 'sentence' I believe women and men are becoming more aware of what all this means.

Having said that, there is still a gap I have identified a in our system that has yet to be filled.

This hole and a large one at that, is one that I have been working on filling. No women or man should have to navigate our system blindly. This journey is one that can only to be travelled at the speed one feels comfortable with. Once ready to absorb information, someone else's journey can assist another in ways that surpass any words I can put on a page.

Today was an incredible step towards creating such a program in the Ottawa area. I received a call first thing this morning from 'THE" Dr. Verma and he was excited as I to start such a support system. Sentiment of the similar sort I have heard mirrored from the Woman's Breast Health Centre.

As I work towards making this dream a reality (please allow me this small cliché) I would like to share the journey as I have worked and learned through it. As I mentioned I have 3 girls but I also have 3 sisters, 2 which have also been diagnosed with the gene as well.

I write with all of them in mind as well as my nieces and fellow BRCA sisters in mind. Let's together create the map of empowerment.