Friday, January 22, 2010

Perspective gained through the strength of others

So today is better. The two week mark. My recovery is difficult at moments but truly when I look at the world around me, the death in Haiti, friends losing parents to cancer, and even a local accident which has rendered a local dad to be paralyzed for the rest of his daily pain is one that I can deal with when you gain that type of perspective.

I am still feeling a little raw  from those friends I have not heard from but then I receive notes like the one I have attached that I received last night.  I have not even met this women but she brought tears to my eyes and again, the reminder that I took my health in my own hands and glad I'm did. (I removed names out of respect) I thank her for reminding me to stay strong. 
Hi Colleen, Do you remember me from this last weekend we msged each other. I am the one with the sister inlaw with the newly diagnosed Breast Cancer.

Hope you are feeling better and are not having much pain anymore.

Sorry if any spelling mistakes I am typing with fingers shaking.

When I first saw your page here in FB I noticed your blog. I briefly glimpsed over it but did not have a the heart to read it, till now. I only read your first two entries so far but I fell like I need to tell you that you are a very special person. A part of me wishes that I would have your strength and be in your position already. This I am saying with out even being tested YET!!!

I did mention to you before about my sister inlaw having Breast Cancer. Her name is XXXX, she is not a FB user yet! She is 40 yrs old, has two boyz and is now about to start the battle of her life. We were talking today and she say's that if she could turn back time she would have done the BRCA test's and have had a double masactomy with outa question in her mind because that would be half of what she must go through now. Horrible just horrible!!! I can't believe it. I know XXXX for about 18 yrs. She is as close to me as one of my own sister's.

Basiclly, I am probably not one of the first people to tell you this but for lack of a better sentance, the sacrifice that you gave up on your body (breasts, dahhhhh) and the pain and mental hardship that you might have will in the long run be to your ultimate benefit of a cancerfree, long loving life to share with your family. I sound like a preacher. I know that is the reason for doing your surgery I just wanted to let you know that I applaud you!!!

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