Saturday, January 2, 2010

The time has come

Here it is. A year of blogging knowing that this week would eventually come

I am glad I had the holidays to keep my mind busy. Lots of family, lots of parties. It was a great holiday. I also treated myself to a girl’s weekend away to Fort Lauderdale. What can I say except lots of shopping and some of the best restaurants ever!

Now I need to get ready for the hardest week ever. Surgery is less than a week away. It has been hard to not repeat the sentence “this is the last time I will be doing X with my breasts..” That may sound weird to those not in my shoes but apparently many of the women I have spoken to it is very common. Today for example this will be my last Saturday....

I do have to say I am just amazed at the continued support from those around me. Not only from close family and friends, but even people, ex-boyfriends, old high school people I have not spoken to, and even complete strangers have messaged me and offered some of the kindest words. Yes, not all are as supportive or understanding, but like a breast cancer survivor you figure out quite quickly who your friends are and often become closer with many. It is truly a humbling experience to have people reference you as brave, or even a hero. I simply see myself as making a choice that does not allow cancer into my home.

As confident as am in my decision my heart sunk a bit as the clock struck midnight, as I hugged my friends, kissed my children...knowing January was here.

I have things to buy, a bag to pack, and positive thoughts to keep... 

This will be trying.


  1. I'll be thinking of you Colleen!!! Much love! xoxoxo

  2. Sweetest friend,

    Much love from me as well.

  3. Am thinking of you - Email, Skype if you need anything - at the end of the phone line!!!

  4. I'll be thinking of you and waiting to hear that you're safely on the other side x

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